Festival Hacks: 10 Must-Have Items Under $10 for Your Music Festival Campsite

Festival Hacks: 10 Must-Have Items Under $10 for Your Music Festival Campsite

Festival Hacks: Elevate Your Music Festival Camping Experience

When it comes to camping at music festivals, preparation is key to ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable time. These festival hacks are tailored for electronic music festival enthusiasts, and you can discover how each item will enhance your camping experience in unique ways. 

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1. Upgrade Your Ziptie Game

Zipties are the ultimate festival camping tool, offering endless possibilities for enhancing your campsite and festival experience:

  • Hanging Lights and Decorations: Enhance your campsite's ambiance with colorful LED lights hung using zipties. Illuminate your space and infuse a touch of enchantment to nighttime gatherings.(Learn More: Camping Decorations)

  • Tapestries and Privacy: Zipties are ideal for securing tapestries or blankets to create shade during the day, protecting you from the blistering spring/summer sun. They also function as makeshift walls to offer privacy during your down time.

  • DIY Festival Jewelry and Outfits: Express your creativity by crafting one-of-a-kind DIY jewelry with zipties. Craft funky bracelets, necklaces, or headbands to showcase your unique festival style.

2. LED Lanterns

As the sun sets and the music starts to play, LED lanterns become your best friend at the campsite:

  • Illuminating Your Campsite: LED lanterns can provide gentle, ambient illumination that doesn't bother nearby campers. They establish a warm and inviting ambiance, transforming your campsite into a comforting haven.

  • Adjustable Brightness Settings: Opt for lanterns with adjustable brightness settings to customize the lighting according to your needs. Dim the lights for a laid-back vibe or turn them up for the afters, with friends. Not only can it also help you conserve the battery-life by keeping it at a dimmer setting, typically it is also a lot nicer to come back after walking in the dark from the to a campsite with much softer lighting to wind down with. 

  • Easy Tent Location: Hanging lanterns around your tent makes it easier to locate your temporary home amidst the sea of other festival campsites. No more wandering in the dark after a night of running around and dancing.


3. Quick-Drying Microfiber Towels

Stay fresh and dry throughout the festival with quick-drying microfiber towels that are perfect for various campsite tasks:

  • Post-Dancing Refreshment: Stay cool and refreshed after dancing with a damped towel designed for ultimate festival recuperation. Our microfiber towels dry quickly, ensuring your comfort as you prepare to hit the dancefloor again.

  • Spill and Sweat Cleanup: Festival life can get messy, but microfiber towels come in handy. Use them to clean up small spills, wipe away sweat, and maintain a fresh feel throughout the day.

  • Space-Efficiency and Portability: Microfiber towels are lightweight and take up minimal space in your pack. They are the ideal choice for festival-goers looking to travel light without sacrificing comfort and function.

By embracing these festival hacks, you'll be better prepared to make the most of your music festival camping experience. From creating a captivating atmosphere with LED lights and tapestries, to staying fresh and organized with microfiber towels; each item serves a specific purpose in enhancing your comfort and enjoyment during these vibrant events.

Organize Your Festival Campsite

Staying organized and prepared is essential for a smooth and hassle-free camping experience at music festivals. These festival hacks focus on organization and convenience. Discover how each item can elevate your festival adventure:

4. Carabiners: Your Campsite Organizers

Carabiners are small yet mighty tools that can enhance organization and accessibility at your campsite:

  • Easy Attachment: Attach carabiners to your backpack or belt loops for quick access to essential items like water bottles, festival maps, or small accessories. Keep everything within reach and avoid rummaging through your bag.

  • Makeshift Clothesline: Create a makeshift clothesline using carabiners and paracord to hang your wet clothes and towels for quick drying. This not only saves space but also keeps your campsite tidy.

  • Secure Gear: Use carabiners to secure your camping gear, such as securing your backpack to your tent's interior to prevent theft or keeping your camping gear organized and easily accessible. Remember, if you are going to lock your tent to make the carabiner as difficult to spot as you can so that it does not signal a person looking to steal things, that there is something valuable in the tent. 

5. Collapsible Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial during the festival, and collapsible water bottles offer the perfect solution:

  • Compact and Portable: Collapsible water bottles are lightweight and fold down when empty, saving valuable space in your backpack. No need to carry around bulky empty bottles.

  • Hydration on the Move: With a collapsible water bottle in hand or clipped on your belt, you can quench your thirst whenever you need it, without having to rely solely on festival water stations and overpriced drinks.

    (Learn More: Staying Hydrated At Festivals)

  • Built-in Filters for Clean Water: Opt for water bottles with built-in filters to ensure access to clean water, even with filtration of the festival's water, it is always a more sanitary way to consume water even if you are double-filtering. Stay hydrated without worrying about water quality.

6. Reusable Food Containers for Festival Snacks

Bringing your own snacks and meals to the festival is a money-saving and eco-friendly choice, and reusable food containers make it even more convenient:

  • Cost-Effective: Festival food prices can be high, but bringing your snacks and meals in reusable containers significantly reduces your expenses and your eco-footprint.

  • Reducing Waste: By using reusable containers, you help reduce single-use plastic waste generated by disposable food packaging. This will also help keep your camp less cluttered with paper products that always seem to find themselves on the ground. 

  • Preserve Freshness: Opt for leak-proof and airtight containers to keep your snacks fresh throughout the festival. Enjoy your favorite treats without worrying about them going stale.

(Learn More: Meal Prep For Festivals)

With these organization and convenience-focused festival hacks, you'll be well-equipped to handle the dynamic and vibrant festival atmosphere with ease. Stay hydrated with collapsible water bottles, keep your campsite tidy with carabiners, and enjoy your favorite snacks with reusable food containers.

By embracing these practical tips, you'll not only enhance your camping experience but also contribute to a more sustainable and enjoyable festival environment.

Be Ready for Anything During Your Festival Weekend

Versatility and preparedness are essential traits for any festival-goer. In this section, you'll explore festival hacks that offer both, ensuring you have a worry-free and adventurous camping experience at all your future music festivals:

7. Portable Phone Charger Festival Hacks

In our digital age, staying connected is simply commonplace, especially during music festivals. A portable phone charger is your lifeline to capture memories, find your crew easily, and keep all your devices usable:

  • Phone Hacks To Increase Battery Life: Ensure your phone or tablet remains fully charged during the festival weekend by putting your phone on Airplane Mode, reducing the screen brightness or setting it to be reactive, and disabling notifications from apps you do not plan on using. Email is a big one that I just do not need to be bothered with during the weekend and keeps my phone from dying too quickly. 

  • Portable Power Banks: Festivals and sometimes their lack of service can be draining on your phone's battery, but a portable charger gives you peace of mind that even if your campsite is far, you will have a way to stay in touch with friends without needing to wait in the long lines for charging stations within the festival grounds. Dance and enjoy without worrying about your phone draining.

  • Solar-Powered Options: Consider eco-friendly solar-powered chargers for sustainable energy. There are many solar options that range in many different capacities so you can find one to suit your space and power demands. Harness the power of the sun to keep your devices charged!

(Learn More: Guide to Charging Phones At Festivals)

8. Inflatable Loungers: Chill in Style

After dancing and exploring, you'll need a comfortable spot to unwind, and inflatable loungers are a game-changer:

  • Portable Comfort: Inflatable loungers are lightweight and easy to carry. After double-checking the festival rules and guidelines you can deflate the loungers for easy transport into the festival grounds, and inflate when you need a cozy spot to relax. I always prefer in shaded areas near the back of the crowds. 

  • Create a Gathering Spot: Share inflatable loungers with friends to create a cozy and inviting gathering spot at your campsite. Who doesn't love meeting strangers at a festival? Be the warm and inviting stranger that everyone wants to stop and chat with! Connect and make memories in comfort.

  • Rest and Recharge: Take breaks in style between sets or activities. Lounge comfortably and recharge your energy for the next round of festival fun.

9. The Multitool for Festival Adventures

A multitool is quite literally your Swiss Army knife for various festival adventures and emergencies:

  • Versatile Uses: From opening cans and bottles to fixing gear, a multitool comes to the rescue in numerous situations. Be the hero of the campsite with this compact tool. This has been an absolute must bring with me at every festival I have gone to in the last 10 years. Cannot recommend this enough! 

  • Compact and Handy: Despite its many functions, a multitools are typically small and easy to carry. Slip it into your pocket or backpack for quick access whenever needed. A multitool is typically a prohibited item within the festival grounds as it can be used as a weapon. If you are going to place them in your backpack, be sure to remove it before heading into the festival. I typically leave them at the campsite as that is where they get the most use. 

  • Be Prepared: Festivals can be unpredictable, but a multitool ensures you're ready for any situation that comes your way. Preparedness is key to a successful festival adventure.

10. Battery Powered Fan

Music festivals often take place under the beating sun, and a battery-powered fan provides much-needed relief from the heat:

  • Stay Cool: Keep cool during hot festival days with a portable fan that can be easily clipped onto your tent or clothing. Enjoy the festival without limited discomfort.

  • Portable Comfort: Battery-powered fans are lightweight and portable, making them convenient to carry around the festival grounds. Try looping paracord or fishing line around the portable fan and attach to either your clothes or backpack using a carabiner.  

  • Share the Breeze: Share the cooling breeze with friends, spreading comfort and relief during scorching festival days. Navigating through a crowd is always made easier when you provide much needed relief to the person you are trying to pass by! Spread the love! 

By embracing these versatile and preparedness-focused festival hacks, you'll be equipped to tackle any situation and fully immerse yourself in the festival experience. Stay connected with a portable phone charger, unwind in style with inflatable loungers, handle various tasks with a multitool, and beat the heat with a battery-powered fan.

Get ready for an unforgettable music festival adventure filled with excitement, connection, and boundless fun!


FAQs (Updated)

Can I use zipties to secure larger camping equipment?

Zipties are best for lightweight items like lights, decorations, and tapestries. For larger camping gear, consider using bungee cords or ratchet straps for secure fastening.

How many LED lanterns should I bring to a music festival?

The number of lanterns depends on the size of your campsite and personal preference. One or two lanterns should be sufficient for a small campsite, while larger campsites with multiple tents may benefit from having 2 or more.

Are microfiber towels easy to clean?

Yes, microfiber towels are easy to clean. Simply hand wash them with soap and water, and they'll be ready to use again. Their quick-drying nature also makes them convenient for festival life. You can use a gallon of water purchased from a grocery store specifically for cleaning/washing items at a festival campsite. 

Can I use carabiners to hang heavy items at a festival campsite?

Carabiners are best suited for lightweight items like water bottles and festival essentials such as lighter cookware and clothing. For heavier items, use sturdy hooks or straps designed for carrying more significant loads.

Are inflatable loungers durable enough for outdoor use at a festival?

Most inflatable loungers are made of durable materials and designed for outdoor use. However, it's essential to handle them with care to avoid punctures and extend their lifespan, especially transporting them too and from the festival grounds.


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