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Jump Around!

Jump Around!

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Get the Party Started with the Best Optical Jump Rope for Music Festivals!

  • Optimize your festival experience with the Optical Jump Rope.
  • Comes with an optical cable of 4.5mm diameter and 2.8m length.
  • The handle is made of PP material, which is durable and provides a comfortable grip.
  • The rope is not only suitable for kids, but also for adults, as it can be cut to adjust the length.
  • The rope has around 80A hardness, which ensures good performance as an optical cable.
  • The jump rope is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • The handle has LED lights, but the color is fixed and cannot be switched.
  • The multicolor version has three color options for the handles.
  • Please note that the light does not blink but continues to glow.

If you're a music festival enthusiast, you know that a good time is all about the energy and excitement that comes from the crowd. And what better way to get into the festival spirit than with an Optical Jump Rope? This innovative jump rope is not just for kids - it's perfect for adults too, with a length of 2.8m that can be cut to your desired length.

The handle is made of durable PP material that provides a comfortable grip, and the rope itself is made of a 4.5mm diameter optical cable that ensures good performance. The handle also has LED lights, which provide a fixed color that cannot be switched. Plus, the multicolor version has three color options for the handles!

Please note that the jump rope is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the package due to special shipping requirements.

With the Optical Jump Rope, you can jump your way to an unforgettable festival experience.

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Why Music Festivals?

Hey there, I'm Jimmy, Owner and Founder of JamHz. 10 Years ago I was introduced to the world of Music Festivals with my first being Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE.

It was such a place of fun and honestly, magic, that I decided to make it my mission to help everyone I can have that same feeling! The one you got when your whole world changed at your first music festival. I want that magic to be felt at every festival from here on out.

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