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Button Mashers

Button Mashers

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Introducing "Button Mashers" - Novelty Gamer Lights

Level Up Your Music Festival Campsite Decor!

Product Benefits:

  • Gaming Nostalgia: "Button Mashers" novelty gamer lights feature iconic X, Square, Triangle, and Circle lights in the shape of the buttons you'd find on a gaming controller, as well as "Game Over", adding a touch of gaming nostalgia to your music festival campsite.

  • Flexible Power Options: Power these lights with either USB charging or 3 x AAA batteries (not included), ensuring your site looks fresh af all night.

  • Versatile Decor: These lights are not just for music festivals; they can be used to add a gaming flair to your room, parties, and gaming setups at home as well.

Product Features:

  • Product Specifications:

    • Gaming Controller Buttons: Enjoy the unique design inspired by gaming icons.
    • Dual Power Supply: Choose between USB charging or battery power for convenience.
  • Key Features:

    • Gamer's Delight: Perfect for gamers and gaming enthusiasts looking to add a unique touch to their campsite.
    • Versatile Decor: Use them beyond music festivals to enhance your gaming area and other indoor or outdoor spaces.
    • Reliable Power: Never worry about running out of power with both USB and battery options.

"Button Mashers" Novelty Gamer Lights are your ticket to adding a fun and nostalgic touch to your music festival campsite. Featuring iconic gaming controller buttons and dual power supply options, they are versatile and perfect for gamers and party-goers alike. Level up your festival decor and create a unique gaming-inspired atmosphere that sets you apart from the crowd!

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